MOTOROLA MOTO G XT1032 - Pellicola in vetro temperato 0.3mm 9h

MOTOROLA MOTO G XT1032 - Pellicola in vetro temperato 0.3mm 9h
Marca: Motorola
Codice Prodotto: 5901854672540
Disponibilità: 2
Prezzo: €2.20

Main features

Vetro temperato per smartphone MOTOROLA MOTO G XT1032


High sensitivity and responsiveness to the touch: Made with the best components immediately gives you more security when using the smartphone, ensuring the protection of the touchscreen and display in the event of a collision and accidental falls.


Transparency High Definition HD: the choice of the best materials during production guarantees tempered glass protection to the maximum transparency of giving you all the brilliance and the details of your display.

Hardness: the hardness is related to the thickness of the glass, the glass from 0.3mm 9h today is the strongest glass and able to overcome considerable pressure protecting your smartphone, tablet or iwatch as a powerful shield.

Adaptability in the display: the complex machining with CNC machines make a precision cut to one millionth of a millimeter. The characteristics 2D, 2.5D and 3D determine the cut on the tempered glass perimeter but not the quality and hardness. On average on the market even if otherwise specified tempered glasses are all to be 2.5D.

Advantages and disadvantages: the installation of the film on your device only has advantages, protection for your display at a minimal cost gives you peace of mind do not spend hundreds of euro for the replacement of the display accidentally broke.

Contents: 1 tempered glass, 1 Towelette detergent, 1 Towelette to dry and in some cases, positioning adhesives.

Instructions: Clean the touch screen thoroughly, remove dust residues. Remove the protective film, taking care not to touch the adhesive. Align the screen and gently apply. Press the center of the screen with the index finger. The foil will adhere perfectly and slowly over the entire surface. No groped to remove the glass after application, because his break. On-screen instructions are the tutorial section.

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